The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence is an unequalled differentiator. Why? simply that we are all unique and if we harness the power of presence in an inspired way then the digital space has much to offer Leaders, CEOs, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, in fact it’s a point for everyone who is looking to carve out a piece of the digital pie for themselves. Through the power of presence we have a chance of breaking free from the clutter of chatter from the vanilla voices around us.

As much as being online is imperative in today post modern world, it’s not enough to just be seen. Active, engaged listening and informed dialogue with your audience is priceless.

More importantly, responding to your audiences when they engage with you or your organisation/business still has an enormous ‘value traction’ with them. It shows you listen and care enough to respond.

As a leader you have a huge part to play in the digital space – CEO Communications is critical for unrivalled presence in the market place – the CEO, MD, Leader, Pastor, Head of…no matter the title, there is no one else like you. Leverage this and your brand and business begins to create distance from the nearest competition at a greater speed than any business advertising or brand marketing campaign.

The digital space is fast-tracking Personal Leadership Branding, tempting as it is decide you are going to be this or that kind of person in the digital space, the only currency that travels is the real-me!

It’s a brave step and many Leaders avoid it, I often hear “Let someone else do that piece, we have a marketing team and PR person, that’s not what I want to get involved in.”

Reality check; the market place and the audience you serve live in the digital space. They demand engagement or they go elsewhere. Sounds fickle but it’s a TRUTH.

People want a piece of you, to hear from you, who are you, why you do what you do, what’s important to you and that you value them as current or future customers, followers… That can be hard to wrap our heads around!

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