The Low-down on FEAR

The fear word is on the lips of every motivational guru, embrace your fear…, fear is holding you back… and so on. We are brain washed into believing that it is this four letter word that is at the crux of why we are not where we think we should be.

Let’s look at an alternative perspective. It’s NOT fear that is holding us back – in fact fear is an easy to reach emotion should we choose to follow the crowds who sign up to the many ‘bust through fear’ programmes that promise quick results and set you on your new pathway.

I offer a view that what is really holding us back is more deeply seeded than we logically know. It is our ‘pattern programme’. Let’s liken this to a soap opera or even a multi-series box set of the best drama ever. We get highly addicted to the story, the pattern of story lines that run concurrently as the life of the soap/drama unfolds, we get hooked in, we enter a ‘belief space’ when we engage in the soap/drama – we step into this world. It follows a pattern.

We too have been following a real life pattern, our personal pattern programme (PPP). When we find ourselves thinking that we are not content with where we are and what we have achieved or not achieved. When we recount endless new ideas that have sprung up and then fallen away over the years, there begins the view of our PPP – that which is much deeper than fear. This is the underbelly of FEAR. It is harder to reveal, it certainly cannot be surfaced in a motivational talk, webinar, event or anything once off. It’s not as instantly attractive to promote as the word FEAR, is it? That’s simply because it’s complex, it takes work, understanding, patience and so much more. When we start further back we have the ability to leap frog FEAR.

It’s not FEAR that holds us back, it’s that we are not connected with our true selves and so we follow our familiar ‘pattern programme’ going along on internal autopilot.

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