A hearty story 

Welcome to my corner of the digital landscape. I hope something of what I share speaks to you.

I am Sharon

Born and bred in Ireland, wife & mam and live on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The untamed nature, ancient heritage and spiritual oasis provides an inspiring backdrop to a hearty life. Being a parent has taught me more lessons on how to communicate than any business experience and I’ve plenty of that too! I’m blessed with a family of naturally talented musicians and a home full of music – a language that makes us feel rather than think!

I am led by a purpose to support individuals own their communication with confidence and to impact with significant presence. 

Merakiologist™  |  Presence Builder  |  Message Mentor  |  Leadership Communications Strategist

 Gaining my stripes

I’ve carried a passion for real transformation through heart centered communication since I entered the work force as a part-time waitress during school. It was then I was bitten by the hospitality bug! I learnt early on that it costs nothing to be hospitable and to be interested in the other person. In fact I quickly learned that this was the secret! My fascination on how powerful communication earns custom led me to travel alongside hundreds of business leaders as I fine-tuned a career in communications, marketing and development across hospitality, agency, corporate, business and non-profit. I have been blessed with a career that has afforded me inside learnings from the coal-face of leadership since my mid-twenties. From Belfast to Manchester, London, Dublin and now the wild side of Ireland – it’s been quite a journey in more ways than one. I’ve truly learned in all aspects of my life that I’m not in control of life’s twists and turns and that the only way to keep going is to have an open heart and mind to the path ahead.

My introduction to being in service started in hotel hospitality management and in one of the most bombed hotels in the world, the Europa Hotel in Belfast. I learnt the values of resilience, empathy and service. I also realised that you just never know who you are serving and that it doesn’t matter.  My early days training stood me well – I was trained that everyone is the same and deserving of the very best service, attention and conversation. My education didn’t stop there, I also came to understand that people are natural story tellers and people love a story well told. This was the foundation on which I built a career in communications and branding across various sectors.

In a career spanning three decades I’ve been part of teams that have won awards, broken sales records, exceeded profits, improved business efficiency, grown 6-figure customers, grown shareholder value and launched charitable initiatives, to name a few things.


I founded Merakiology™ International in 2019 to support CEOs and their leadership teams build strategies and social communications that connect and have a significant impact in our post modern culture whilst delivering the mission of the organisation they champion. There has never been a time where people have been more connected than now. Yet this super connectedness belies a super need – for genuine engagement. More than ever people seek to know the leadership in the organisation they work for or support cares and that their needs matter – they seek to belong and to have valuable connections that will improve their life and the lives of others.   

Thank you for reading.

Sharon Hearty | Merakiologist™ | Vision & Strategy | Leadership Social Communications Consultant 

Every second of every day we communicate. Everything we do starts with how we communicate and everything ends with how we communicate.

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