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#shecommunicates community – be the fullest expression of YOU!

I work with women from all walks of life become empowered confident communicators to narrow the gap between where they are at to where they want to be. How we communicate is inspired by our mission! First we have to connect with this mission. If you are ready to change the narrative within and without, to engage hearts, to inspire others to see things differently then I’d love to help you. This is why I founded Merakiology™ to support you to change the narrative by putting your whole heart and soul into how you show up and impact.

The vision for #shecommunicates is to become a community. I carry a mission for this to become a movement of professional women who share a vision to become empowered communicators themselves and in turn to inspire the younger generation of great women. Changing the status quo will take effort and commitment from many quarters to support young women from various backgrounds, from near and far to blossom by expressing their divine spark and igniting the world with their passion engaging others along the way.

The idea is embryonic and it will take other great minds who are inspired to contact me with ideas on how this could happen. In a world where women into leadership continues to grow at a slow pace we have an opportunity to change this for the next generation.

I’d love to hear from you if you are interested and have ideas.

Hi, I am delighted you are interested in this initiative. Please share with me who you are.. Also, why does this appeal to you? Have you ideas you wish to talk about for this concept?  Please write to me, I look forward to receiving your interest.

Sharon x

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