Melt-down in the Media Jungle

Yes it’s happens. You’re looking around you at the ever changing media landscape and wondering how you and your business can best fit in and keep fitting in. You’ve been doing business for years and you’re successful, now you’re faced with unavoidable change in how you reach people!

You’ve been dabbling in the digital media and probably ticked the main boxes such as; responsive website that works on mobile; you are active on at least one social media platform – the one where your client-customers of today and tomorrow hang out; you have an email list and have at least a monthly ezine and you do some advertising online. Yet it’s not making an impact in the way you hoped it would.

There are experts out there who can help you use the tools wisely, tools such as facebook, instagram, twitter, google adwords and so much more. You are doing all this but something is not working and this is where the melt-down happens, overwhelm sets in and knocks you off your track. How do you get back on track.

You are not alone in feeling this…you weren’t taught the communication skills to inspire the market place through the web or the know-how on earning custom this way.

This new demanding environment requires a few simple things that you can stop and start to do right away;

1. Stop pushing out a message. Start creating reasons why people will want to engage with you and/or your business.

2. Stop using general language or mirroring your competitors. Start being YOU. Bring yourself and your unique message to the marketplace.

3. Stop using social media to announce this or that. Start creating inspiring content and building an engaged community around your mission in your business.

4. Stop hiding and start sharing your passion on why you do what you do, who you are. Words, stories, showing up with solutions that will support your market place , these are all signals to begin to create a new narrative and use the new media to make an impact for your business.

Today, showing up as your true self and why you lead your business/organisation is expected and is everywhere – if you adopt this approach you will breakthrough the media jungle and sustain your presence in the super speed of a changing modern media environment and world.

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