Logic in a Changing World

When we only apply logic what do we fail to apply? Let’s remind ourselves of the meaning of logic – a formal scientific method of examining or thinking about ideas.

So if we apply this logic in a changing world, how then do we communicate for success:

1. Define the number and type of person who contributes to 80% of profit/sales.

2. Define their influencers by number and type.

3. Define the candidate media channels to connect with 1 and then 2 and evaluate.

4. Define target audience needs in this category.

5. Define either your benefits and values which most distinctly and relevantly meet these need in point 4 – this is your authentic brand strength.

6. Which channels most effectively connect your brand strengths with the Target Audience/s.

What have we omitted in the above rational logic?

Emotional engagement is a necessary logic of the heart in order to open hearts and minds to our message. People are neither purely logical or intuitive. People decide to buy on emotion but justify with their logic so we need to be aware of how we set up our communications approach to the market place. Stirring the emotions with an authentic relevant voice is a powerful combination in the logic stakes in a changing world.

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