How I  Help

My name is Sharon, I am a strategist and communications consultant.  I founded  Merakiology™ International in 2019, a transformative approach to personal communication and branding for Leaders, CEOs, senior executives in the Not-for-profit, Social Enterprise and Faith sectors as well as highly personalised communications counsel to individuals in the public eye. Simply put I help you have a wholehearted presence and infuse your true character into how you engage and impact with significance. I work with you to breakthrough those limiting beliefs that hold you back, to support you reimagine your presence and narrative so you deeply connect and inspire action consistently.

We work in partnership and together we review your personal direction which underpins your presence and inspires your communication behaviour so you make a greater impact. The work then shifts to communicating with a generous, other-focusssed approach that can motivate deep and satisfying relationships.  A renewed communication style evolves to resonate and inspire others as they deepen their connection with you.

Services are listed below.



Three service offerings are suggested below as examples of the consultative work I engage in. However, what is important is that our engagement meets you where you are at.  Clients work directly with me either in person or virtual space. Rather than be prescriptive about my services I prefer to understand you first, your values and mission and how you wish to evolve your  communication. With a long career in stategy development I also support leaders lead forward on mission, vision, values and strategy development.

Here are some of the challenges others have presented to me to support you discern if I am a good fit for your needs. Some are seeking clarity in times of transition and change so they can better communicate their message; others are ready to evolve the strategy for the organisation they lead, others are ready to embrace modern media; others are ready to re-brand themselves to improve their visibility and engagement; others are burnt out and ready to renew their personal direction/purpose – success has lost its lustre and they are ready to recalibrate their next steps and to weave this into how they evolve their message and profile.

I also offer a two-hour ‘Immerse to Impact’ call [via Zoom/Skype] to surface clarity around the issues/challenges/opportunities that are pressing. In this call you will get clear on what is disrupting your flow and more importantly set a foundation on which to build upon. If this offers you a first step to digging deeper into how you can shift towards making the impact you visualise for yourself and becoming a powerful communicator, please contact me below. I will come back to you within 24 hours with a questionnaire, diary times and payment options for 2-hour ‘Immerse to Impact’ session. After the session you will receive a written review and a framework to support your immediate needs. Immerse to Impact session €295 (euro).  

Stand in the Gap of Your Dreams 

This engagement is ideal for:
successful leaders, public individuals and entrepreneurs who are successful in their work yet something is missing – success has lost its lustre.

During this work you will shift into the ‘gap’ between what you do and who you are. What is stopping you make a significant impact with your life? I help you unlock your greatest unfair advantage! Grow an engaged presence deeply connected with your personal mission and the mission of your enterprise, cause or message.

Set your Message on Fire & make a memorable impact! 

This engagement is ideal for:
C-Suite Executives, Public Individuals & Entrepreneurs

Today people seek to hear from the people behind the brand, the business and that includes the people who lead. They want to encounter this passion and commitment so they can make the right choice for their needs. Everything begins and ends with how you communicate. Establish and deepen thought leadership. Build engagement and reach into the marketplace you serve through modern platforms.

Meraki Message engagement will guide you to narrow the distance between you and the people you wish to reach and engage.    


This engagement is ideal for:
you if you are ready to focus on renewing your presence in the marketplace and workplace. To build your personal presence and to communicate from within.

Be present to who you are and how you communicate. Become a powerful communicator, a heartful impactor and inspire others to believe in you and why you do what you do. 

Presence building is brand building!

I support you to inspire yourself and in turn inspire others to be motivated and take action. 

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