Open & Engage

Leaders who adopt an ‘open and engaged stance’ inspire and encourage others to lead forward. At the same time enabling themselves to have a varying degree of attachment to situations that arise in the workplace or from the marketplace. When the Leader is open to being both self-aware and other-focussed the need for control is released.

Here are four ways Leaders can adopt an ‘open and engaged’ stance in their communication style;


Tone of Voice

When the need arises to enter the conversation – do so on an equal footing. Use the team/individual’s language as your own by mirroring and reflecting where progress is working and empathising where there are difficulties. This will bring you alongside as one of them.

View through the lens of the heart

This can be a difficult position for a Leader to openly adopt and requires a strong sense of self-awareness. Yet this approach can be powerfully motivating. To see with the ‘eyes of caring’ towards those working to evolve and resolve a situation supports individuals/teams to feel valued.

It’s not about you

Listening can be calming not only for yourself but also for others who are in the thick of it and when seeing clearly is growing difficult. After listening – actively listening – ask questions with understanding. Try to avoid being the ‘teller’.

Beyond the visible

Offer the individual/team another way to look at the situation. Support them to reveal viable alternatives for a more effective way forward.


The above three approaches foster greater empowerment of individuals and teams. Empowering another person and that person feeling empowered are two different things. When the other person truly feels listened to and valued you’ve become a powerful communicator.


Leaders who employ an open and [strategically] engaged stance reveal character and build trust. Ultimately becoming powerful communicators.

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