“The true currency of communication

is moving people to act because they believe. They believe because they feel it in their heart.”


Sharon Hearty, founder

Welcome to Merakiology™

 A signature communications service to support Leaders & CEOs impact with significant presence – consistently!

“You are the expression of your creativity, purpose and talents.   My work is to hold you to your highest truth and to consistently connect with your inner compass. 

I take you beyond what you think is possible, to powerfully communicate consistently from within and move others to believe in your message and mission so they want to be part of it.

I don’t work with you to deliver your best ever presentation or to master the media interview.  We start long before this – I partner with you to reveal your unique communication style so you are always making an impact and you are media & presentation ready all the time!

Wearing your heart on your sleeve because you believe in what you do is powerful in today’s culture. The workforce and marketplace expect consistently visible and engaging leaders who know who they are and how to engage trust & belief! 

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